About Us


The Cabana Outdoor Shower™ came into existence the same way many beloved products originated, with someone seeking something that didn’t exist and finding a way to create it themselves. My name is Mike Sigety and that’s how the Cabana Outdoor Shower™ was born. I wanted an aesthetically pleasing and uniquely functional outdoor shower at my home in rural northern New Jersey. With an active wife, son, two energetic Golden Retrievers and frequent guests, I had a practical need for an outdoor shower and a changing room that was not only comfortable and luxurious, but didn’t detract from my existing home and landscaping with a “bulging box” look so common with typical outdoor showers.



After many months of research, I was disappointed to find only glorified wood or plastic boxes usually with unattractive visible plumbing that lacked the refined aesthetics and versatility I was looking for. Then as the story goes, I decided to take matters into my own hands and create what is now the Cabana Outdoor ShowerTM. The results exceeded even my expectations: beauty, adaptability, durability, tranquility and easy maintenance. My family and friends have been enjoying the Cabana Outdoor Shower for many years now. After countless compliments from all my many guests and a persistent void in the marketplace for an outdoor shower of this caliber, I set out to share my patent pending design by making the Cabana Outdoor Shower™ available to homeowners, contractors and retailers interested in offering a pleasingly rich aesthetic outdoor shower. Thank you for considering the Cabana Outdoor Shower™.